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Who Am I??

By Helen Murray | January 17, 2020

WHO AM I??? Often times to figure this out we first have to learn who we are not! I’ve been on a journey of self discovery for the past 4!years trying to answer this very question. Sometimes it’s easy to answer and I think I know exactly who I am and then come the best…

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~~Your Fulfillment is worth the temporary pain of risking disconnection~~

By Helen Murray | July 8, 2019

Today I have been sitting in complete disconnection, and I have been here to a lesser degree over the past week or so.  I have been feeling disconnected from…everything, including myself. Spiritually, emotionally and physically. So this statement really hit me when I heard it,  It resonated so strongly that I was pulled to write…

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The Story of my Transformation

By Helen Murray | June 6, 2019

I was downsized from a job I thought I loved on April 28, 2015. I was earning a very nice 6 figure income with a great expense account and benefit package. I had worked for this company for almost 14 years and had done every job except for one – my partner’s job, Director of…

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Just over the Horizon

By Helen Murray | May 8, 2019

Am I willing to be the person who has a million dollar coaching business, who works with million dollar clients, and who lives a million dollar life? Am I ready and willing to be that Helen? What is keeping me from being THAT person right now? I am scared. I have never had that kind…

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Manifestation works 100% of the time

By Helen Murray | April 13, 2019

I had a conversation yesterday that propelled me into writing this blog. Manifestation works 100% of the time wether we realize it or not. If you’re not happy with where your life is at in any area of life, then you need to look at the thoughts you’re thinking. What you have in life (not…

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We Are All Master Manifestors

By Helen Murray | April 1, 2019

We are manifesting constantly in every moment with every thought and every action. The question I have for you is “what are you manifesting”? Are youbeing intentional about your manifestations or are they happening by default? If your desires are not matching your outcomes then I am sorry but you are NOT manifesting the things/experiences…

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Do You Have A Mistress?

By Helen Murray | April 1, 2019

DO YOU HAVE A MISTRESS>>>>> I had a client who had been keeping her spending a secret from her husband and was using her spending as a way to retaliate when he behaved in a way that she felt was hurtful. Her Visa was her Mistress. She kept it close but not too close, at…

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