Helen Murray Spiritual Coach

Helen Murray - Spiritual Money Mindset Mentor

Helping you breakthrough to $10,000.00 months

"Working with Helen has shifted my mindset and perspective on so many levels, so thankful for Helen and her honesty and support."

Amy McIntosh

The Magic that is Helen

Ready to bring more money into your business by working through your poverty consciousness and sharpening your money mindset?  Then push over and make some room for your new best friend.


Helen is the Mary Poppins of Money Mindset;  a little bit magic, a little tough love and a whole lot of action!  In addition to helping you UpLevel your money, yourself and your business to $10,000.00 months she also helps online Intuitives, Healers and Coaches break the chains of generational poverty and scarcity and shift into wealth consciousness to become a Woman of Wealth.


When she is not focussing on her clients and increasing their profitability you can find her playing with her grand babies, writing her next book or out in the sunshine working in her extensive flower gardens.  She can also be found meditating, working with her crystals or simply immersed on all things Spiritual.

Helen is a Money Mindset Mentor and here is what she knows for sure about women and money:

  • We are different
  • Often we don't deal with money, until we have to (a divorce, a spouse dying, or a getting sick of always scrambling to get some, or feeling ashamed of having too much, or working ourselves sick)

Whatever your story...

...it's not your fault (you just acted the script you were handed).  I know because I was there too not all that long ago.  I worked my a** off, long hours, exhausted and nearly killing my self.  

If you are ready to feel AMAZING about your money (and have more of it) let's talk.


"The biz energy intensives with Helen are fabulous.  She was able to see exactly what my money blockages were and help me find a way forward through them.  I feel so much lighter and more empowered than I did before.  I'd recommend working with her; she holds you in a deeply loving way that is grounded, intuitive and deeply healing.

Shirley Harvey

Author, Artist, Creator

Release the Money Shame

Release the money shame, the cash crunches, the debt, the worry and guilt on anything you might spend after "just covering the bills".

Women are incredible MANIFESTORS

So let’s make sure you’re manifesting money flowing in (not just leaking out)"

Release the money shame, the cash crunches, the debt, the worry and guilt after anything you spend on “just covering the bills