Just over the Horizon

Am I willing to be the person who has a million dollar coaching business, who works with million dollar clients, and who lives a million dollar life? Am I ready and willing to be that Helen? What is keeping me from being THAT person right now?

I am scared. I have never had that kind of money, I didn’t come from wealth and I’m afraid of having that much money to be completely honest with you.

Wow…that is not what I expected to come out the other end of my pen when I sat down to free write this morning. I have earned very good money before, so WHY am I afraid?

Before, my money came to me in steady, manageable, weekly amounts. It trickled in like a steady stream, and was filtred back out in much the same way…comfortably and safely trickling in and out of a steady stream.

All that came to me was mine; deductions had been removed and I had zero worries about the relationship I had with my money.

It came to me in manageable chunks and then I dispersed it in manageable chunks…bills, savings, spending, TFSA, RRSP, RESP etc.

This has ended. I no longer have that safe, comfortable relation with money. I no longer have that steady trickle of money in and money out every Friday without fail and without thought.

Now money comes in large chunks but there is no steady trickle each week. AND in fact there is no money coming in if I don’t take inspired action, contact potential clients and boldly offer my services. If I want to have an income I can’t just show up, sit at my desk, wait for someone to give me a list of tasks and then collect my pay.

I am the sole proprietor…I am the only person responsible for bringing money into my business. My thoughts, beliefs ad actions dictate how successful my business is. I need to figure out where to put my focus, how to energetically connect with people that want what I have.


I used to feel that if my energy dipped or I needed a day off that I was hurting my business so would do everything in my power to keep working. This, of course, is not true…in fact it’s so the opposite of what I needed to be doing. Now I know that if my energy is low I am better off to take the time I need to get back to a higher vibe state and if I need a day of down time to get away from it all then that is what I do.

However, as an Entrepreneur I still feel the weight of responsibility not only for me but for my business, and for my family and our dreams all while holding space for my clients and their dreams.

Growing a business is SCARY!

My mindset is shifting and changing constantly. I move into a more prosperous version of me over and over and over again, and each time the transformation happens more quickly.

Abundance is our birthright. We are meant to live PROSPEROUS lives. The only limits we have are self imposed and that is simply because of our current level of consciousness. It is all tht we can see from where we are currently standing, but if you move to a bit higher ground, just to the top of the hill, your vantage point changes and what you can see expands from the perception of that view point.


With each mindset shift, with each change in perception, with every new vantage point, with every release of our old point of view, we can see over the next horizon into what is available for us in this life.

For if we are not growing we are in fact dying. We are never static…for even in our stillness we are evolving ad moving forward towards our dreams and desires. Always pause and ask yourself in every moment you are making a decision – will this take me closer or move me further from what I desire?

So SCARY or not, I CHHOSE to keep moving forward, to see what opportunities lay ahead just over the next horizon.

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