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Here's how I help my clients expand their ability to RECEIVE - so they can dramatically increase their income and impact...



If having complete peace of mind about your money would change your life, this is for you...

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VIP Intensive; Money Mindset Makeover

We meet (virtually or in person) for the day, unravel limiting beliefs that keep your income down - and fully set you up with the tools to create a financial & spiritual breakthrough!  5 women max

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 3 Month Money UpLevel

Get my direct support over the course of 3 full months with my 1:1 Spiritual Coaching. You receive weekly online 1:1 coaching sessions, an intensive energy reading, customized money meditations, resources and more. It’s my signature program and has helped countless women fall in love with their money and heal themselves and their money stories.


Atlantis Mentorship Program

Ready to go FULL ON WOO with your MONEY and SPIRITUALITY?

If you have done the internal work to create a shift in your life and business and are looking for a community of other like minded business women where you can share, grow and stay accountable while breaking through to even higher income levels of $30,000.00+ then I would love for you to apply for my six month mentorship program.  Application Only


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What Happy Clients have to say...

Vanessa Graber

Small Business Owner

"I just wanted to say thank you to Helen for the time she spent with me tonight.  I came home and cleaned the kitchen with my son, then I enjoyed a soak in the tub. I  had been asking the Universe for help, for guidance, for a mentor and then there were all these things that kept connecting us.

I am going to listen and allow myself to take this journey before it is too late.  Thank you for believing in me.  You are so calm and reassuring and easy to talk to.  You have a true gift and I am glad you are sharing it with others.  The world needs more people like you"

Jamie stacks


"Helen Murray has changed may life.  My life is so different than this time last year and I am starting it on my favourite place to be - the beach.  Last year I would have dismissed the idea that I could even come to the beach on New Year's just because I wanted to and because it is good for my soul.  

Life changed and it's only getting better daily.  So much love and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you