Helen Murray
Spiritual Money Mindset Mentor

Creating Money, Magic and Miracles for intuitives and coaches to break through to $10K months

FREE GUIDED MEDITATION: Want to bring more money into your life and business in as little as 10 minutes then make it happen with this this FREE meditation.

Whatever your money story… I can help you create a happy ending!

I help you make the money and dreams (you never believed could come true) happen.

Because you're tired of saying the words "I can't afford it" and you are over feeling less than other people who earn more than you...you're sick of feeling anxious when you look at your bank balance and because you know in your heart that you have what it takes to create a beautiful abundant life.  You just need a little help getting there.

And here's the truth

You CAN be in the black, have healthy savings and a splurge fund included...UNAPOLOGETICALLY and I'll help you get there!

Imagine feeling great when you buy something instead of feeling guilty, being able to treat the people you love without worrying how to pay for it. Finally getting rid of those feelings of insecurity and overwhelm so you can achieve not just your money goals but your life goals!

Imagine as a small business owner to have a 6 month paycheque stash created for your business, and have enough savings and profit to sustain your business through times of uncertainty.

"Working with Helen 1:1 got me back in the black in less than 6 weeks after years of struggling, feeling insecure and extremely insecure and overwhelmed.  Now I feel empowered with money...and we just bought our dream home".

Vanessa Graber, Business Owner, Neccesary Essence

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1 Day VIP Intensive

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1 : 1 Coaching

Atlantis Mastermind, Goddesses, Feminine Energy


Six Month Mentorship Program

After attending Helen's VIP Money Mindset Makeover Intensive I purchased a brand new truck for my husband!

Helen encouraged me to go for a goal that felt outside of my comfort zone...

I achieved this in far less time than I had planned for.  Not only did we get our first ever brand new vehicle, I have also changed the relationship I have with money.  (Priceless)

Dianne Schieck