Kind Words from Clients

Karen Moon Gypsy

I recently attended the VIP Intensive Money Mindset Makeover Day with Helen Murray and it was amazing! I felt so honoured and blessed to spend the day with fabulous women, who shared their personal stories, their laughter and tears. It was so healing and powerful. Helen is a very warm and authentic woman who is very empowering, gentle and supportive. Her VIP Day was well thought out and I was showered with many surprises and wonderful gifts.

Helen's whole life's work was carefully and lovingly crafted into a beautiful day, that included, healing, pampering, delicious food, a nurturing environment, fun, gratitude and delving deep into belief systems. I felt safe and supported while embarking on this journey.

My favourite part was looking at my money beliefs and then re-stating in a positive way to build a foundation of my core money values and beliefs. Since the VIP Day, I have been manifesting abundance and prosperity and by becoming aware of what is blocking me to experience abundance in my life. I believe that gratitude is the open door to abundance. It is amazing shifting from a feeling of lack to a feeling of prosperity/abundance. Embracing an abundant mindset and, doing the deep inner work are all keys to creating a mindful attitude and respect for one’s self.

I am truly thankful and full of gratitude for this experience, I have learned that everything comes from loving yourself truly from within and that is where the magic resides. Love and gratitude and being thankful for what you already have are important factors to making a change in your life. Thank you Helen for a beautiful day and for holding space for this important shift in my life.

I highly recommend taking this program if you want to shift your life from a feeling of lack to a feeling of abundance. This is a chance to make a powerful shift in your mindset and the way you experience life. Once you shift your belief system, and become present and focus on what you really want, your life will change. Blessings and namaste,”

Karen Piekarz-

Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Sound Practitioner, Medium

Lynn Philp.jpg 2

 I attended Helen Murray's Money Mindset Makeover VIP Day earlier this week. I loved every minute of it. This course is the most holistic financial course I have ever taken. And boy oh boy we uncovered some gems.

Lots of aha moments occurred for me and also lots of healing moments. It was emotional but so worth it. I am worth it. My family is worth it.
I walked away with a new understanding of money and success.
Abundance is everywhere if you are open to receiving it.

Helen was a gracious host opening up her home and treated us like queens on this VIP day. The food was out of this world...the ladies were so open and supportive...and Helen was gentle and perceptive. What a glorious gift you have Helen.

Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom.

Lynn Philp
Owner | Cedarwood Honey

Dianne Schieck

I attended a goal planning seminar in February this year, really just thinking to get myself more organized.  Helen asked us to think of one thing that had been on our minds and make it a concrete goal.  My husband's truck was on its last legs and I made replacing it my goal.  As I set deadlines for paying off some other bills that should be looked after prior to taking out a loan, we talked about what kind of "new to us" truck it might be.  "Why not new?" Helen asked.  I realized that it was only my own habit of driving pre-owned vehicles that made that an assumption.  I set a deadline of 6 months, in time for my husband's birthday.  It turned out that our son in Alberta could use some help, so hubby flew there with our youngest son.  On the day he returned, I suggested we "just look" at new trucks.  He couldn't believe we could afford it until I showed him that with 0% interest the payments on a new truck would actually be lower than on a pre-owned vehicle.  We made that a condition of the sale with the dealer.  Neither of us has ever owned a new vehicle.  We picked up his new truck on July 26th, one month earlier than my plan.  And that was in addition to 3 tickets to Alberta which were not in our budget.  We hadn't told anyone about the truck when I was in Guelph one night with my parents.  I took them to the lot to show Dad.  He was so excited for us.  He passed away Aug. 3rd, never having had a ride in it but if it hadn't come earlier I wouldn't have been able to share our joy with him.  I saw how important and special this truck made my husband feel .  I have gone on to set concrete goals around finishing renovations. Those are in the works now.  It was such a simple shift once I realized I was setting limits not on our spending but on our desires.

Dianne Schieck
Foster Parent

Jamie Stacks photo

"Helen, you changed my life.  My life is so so so different than this time last year and I am starting this year out at my very favourite place to be - the beach!  Last year I would have dismissed the idea that I could have even come to the beach on New Year's just because I wanted to and it is good for my soul.  Life changed and it's only getting better daily.  So much love and gratitude.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jamie Stacks

Conway Counselling & Wellness Centre

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